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Nancy Coxwell

This puzzle covers objectives from weeks one through nine. If an answer has dashes in it, instead of dashes skip a space.

Each answer is worth 2.5 points; naming the document correctly (same format we used for odd week assignments) will earn students 2 points for a total of 100 points.

To receive credit students need to fill in the boxes and submit as a WORD document.

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      30                 31

1.______ (instead of dashes, skip a space) was developed to provide more accurate and consistent diagnoses of psychological disorders, it has not been entirely successful.
4.To test a hypothesis with this type of research one would review published articles, census documents, and/or high school..
7.____ refers to to environmental influences.
9._____ are evaluations of a particular person, behavior, belief, or concept.
11.This type of attraction is based on similar attitudes, values, or traits makes us like them more.
12.When considered negative behavior, this perspective (week eight reading) zeros in on the personal responsibility and holds the individual accountable and does not all them to cry, “It’s not my fault because blah, blah, blah!”.
15.With this type of behavior people are distressed and cannot function in their daily lives.
16.This type of love is based on passion.
18.This stage accounts for about 20% of sleep time.
19.This perspective states that behavior is unconscious and the individual has little control.
21.Behavior directed toward individuals on the basis of their membership in a particular group.
23._____ is a trancelike state of heightened susceptibility to the suggestions of others.
24.Negative ______ is best defined this way: if an individual has a rash that is relieved by applying a specific brand of ointment, one is more likely to use that ointment the next time one has a rash.
25._______ are feelings that may affect behavior and generally have both a physiological component and a cognitive component.
28.This scan is one of the newest types and exposing a tiny region of the brain to a strong magnetic field and causes a momentary interruption of electrical activity.
29._____ organize information stored in memory, represent in our minds the way the social world operates, and give us a framework to recognize, categorize, and recall information relating to social stimuli such as people and groups
30.A set of generalized beliefs and expectations about a particular group and its members.
32.______ events are strong stressors that occur suddenly and typically affect many people simultaneously.
33.Helping behavior that is beneficial to others but clearly requires self-sacrifice.
34.This type of memory helps people remember how to drive cars, ride a bike, or tie their shoelaces.
35.This type of conditioning is voluntary and strengthened with favorable consequences
2.All his life Brian felt like a loser and his parents reinforced those feelings with verbal and physical abuse. Brian continually compares himself to college classmates and feels unworthy, useless, and inferior; he simply cannot overcome these feelings instilled in him since he was a child. Brian is suffering from a/an _______ _________.
3._____ preprogramming theories of aging suggest that human cells have a built-in time limit to their reproduction.
5.Joan is overwhelmed by the demands of studying while working at a full-time job and needs to learn better organizational skills and work habits. Joan would benefit from which subfield of psychology.
6.Dexter is tired of being a serial killer, but he won’t stop. He’s tried but he cannot find another outlet to manage his anxieties. His sister, Debra, recommends Dexter join a special branch of the government that authorizes assassinations against terrorists, despots, and dictators plotting mass destruction against the free world. This way Dexter is free to be a government sanctioned serial killer. What specific type of mechanisms to cope with the anxieties is coping mechanism is this?
8.With this disorder an individual person eats massive amounts of food, and then throws the food up or takes laxatives.
10._______ refers to hereditary factors.
13._____ is intentional injury of, or harm to, another person.
14.This type of love is a strong affection for those with whom our lives are deeply involved.
17.A negative (or positive) evaluation of a particular group and its members.
20.At a state dinner, a guest is served cauliflower and states, “I hate cauliflower.” Someone asks why and the guests states, “I don’t know, I just know I hate them.” This belief that the guest hates cauliflower but is unaware of why he has this belief mean the belief is in his _______.
22.____ intelligence is based on the accumulation of information, skills, and strategies learned through experience.
26.This approach to motivation stems from the desire to obtain goals or incentives.
27.One of the major changes in family life in the last two decades has been the evolution of the _____ of men and women.
31._____ developed the theory of psychosocial development that focused on adolescence’s search for identity..

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