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Mermaid_____Bigfoot____pseudoscience astrology____prophocies_____detectors crop______channeling_____Phrenology meditation____creation___esp___ levitation____Bermuda___elves__ufology mars

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1.Being able to move things with your mind, see the future or see the past is know as _________/
4.People think that aliens created the ________ circles.
6.Thinking that god created the Earth and humans and not by a scientific process is called ____________.
8.People believe that ________ has a face, put their by aliens.
9.Fairies and _________ don't exist.
13.Sitting silently and clearing your mind.
14.Lie ________________ are not as accurate as people say and can't be used in court.
15.Being able to lift your body from the ground.
16.Studying unidentified flying objects and aliens is called.
17.A big gorilla like creature seen in forests is known as _____________.
2.Anything that can not be proven by the scientific method or science is called __________
3.A place where people think forces ships and planes to crash is called the _________ triangle.
5.Predicting the future is called a _______________. Like the world ending in 2012.
7.A half female and half fish found in oceans.
10.Studying bumps on peoples head to see what is wrong with them is called __________.
11.When a person lets a spirit go into their body and talk for them.
12.Thinking that the stars and planets affect your life is called _______.

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