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Body Systems Homeostasis


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1.Hormones are produced and secreted by a group of cells called ________.
3.____________ Dysreflexia: A potential life threatening condition that is an overstimulation of the Autonomic NS, :could cause extremely high BP.
7._________________A constant state of stability or equillibrium within the body so that the cells, tissues, and organs can properly function.
9.Changes in the internal or external environment are sensed by the ________.
10._____________ Feedback system: a system used to sense deviations from a set point., causing a reponse.
11.The __ __ __ consists of the brain and spinal cord.
2.The ___________Nervous system controls all voluntary nerve impulses.
4.The most important systems in maintaining homeostasis are the _________system and endocrine system.
5.The NS and Endocrine system _______________with each other and adjust to changing needs.
6.The ____________ system communicates messages via hormones in your bloodstream.
8.The sympathetic nervous system ____________ up function.(fight or fight)

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