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Human Relations Chapter 16

Tobi Russell

Chapter 16 of text

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4.People procrastinate because the job is too overwhelming
10.Not wanting to do a task because not getting anything in return
11.A way to achieve stimulation to meet a deadline
14.Delaying a task for an invalid or weak reason
1.Neglecting the normal need for rest and relaxation that can lead to an addiction to work in which not working is an uncomfortable experience
2.Anything you are doing or not doing that allows time to get away from you
3.Not wanting to do a task because of wanting to defy unwarranted authority
5.Primary principle of effective time management; deciding what to accomplish and the actions needed to make it happen
6.People procrastinate because of fear of negative evaluation of the work
7.Not taking on tasks because of the risk of making mistakes
8.Belief that if one succeeds at an important task, one will be asked to take on more responsibility in the future; reason some people procrastinate
9.The amount of quality work accomplished in relation to the resources consumed
12.A person's characteristic approach to work
13.Dealing first with unpleasant tasks you would prefer to avoid; simply getting them done and out of the way

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