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Chapter 21 The Furnace of Civil War

Ryan Meyer

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2.Lincoln was assassinated at this place by John Wilkes Booth (2 Words)
4.first major battle of the Civil War and a victory for the South (2 Words)
6.A series of brutal clashes between Lee and Grant in Virginia was known as the _______________ Campaign
9.nicknamed "the high tide of the Confederacy" (2 Words)
14.number of the amendment that prohibited slavery
16.two and a half month siege of a Confederate fort on the Mississippi River that eventually fell to Grant and the Union forces.
17.Pennsylvania battle that ended in a giant Union victory pushing Confederates back
18.Union iron clad ship that fought the Merrimack
21.story that helped stimulate devotion to the North, The Man Without a _________
22.had nicknames such as "Young Napolean", "Little Mac", or "Tardy George" (2 Words)
24.nickname of the Battle of Bull Run on a Northern perspective (2 Words)
26.declared all slaves in rebelling states to be free (2 Words)
27.Lee surrendered at ________________ Courthouse
28.President of the Confederacy (2 Words)
29.coalition party of pro-war Democrats and Republicans formed to defeat anti-war Democrats. (2 Words)
30.___________ and Fort Donelson were key victories for Grant and secured the Union hold on Kentucky (2 Words)
1.last name of the general that replaced McClellan
3.Lincoln's running mate in the election of 1864 (2 Words)
5.decisive Confederate victory in Virginia- "Burnside's Slaughter Pen"
7.battle on Tennessee-Mississippi border that ended in a big Union victory
8.McClellan's failed attempt to seize Richmond (2 Words)
10.nicknamed "Stonewall" because of his performance at Bull Run (2 Words)
11.landmark battle that forestalled Confederate foreign intervention and led way for the Emancipation Proclamation
12.speech given by Lincoln in honor of the Battle of Gettysburg (2 Words)
13.A destructive parade through Georgia was known as Sherman's __________
15.battle that ended in a victory for Lee and increased the push into the north (5 Words)
19.President on the Union side (2 Words)
20.Democrats nominated this person in the election of 1864
23.Northern Democrats who obstructed the war effort attacking Abraham Lincoln, the draft, and the emancipation
25.Ulysses S. Grant's nickname during the Wilderness Campaign came to be "Grant's __________"

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