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How and Why Boats Float


Words associated with the reasons for and why boats float,along with words describing different boats and their parts.

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2.The right side of a boat is called its ____________ side.
4.The left side of a boat is called its ________ side.
5.Boats and ships use this to help them stay balanced and level in the water and is usually water or lead.
7.The majority of a boats _______ is below the water level.
8.Boats are kept afloat by their _____________________.
11.All boats have this to help them steer in the water.
12.People use theses to stay afloat.
13.Sailing boats have tall ____________________.
1.The front of a boat is called its _____________.
2.The back of a boat is called its ______________.
3.The volume of water a ship occupies is called its __________________.
6.Holds a boat in place and stops it drifting away.
9.The place steering a boat takes place is called its __________.
10.Attached to the bottom of a boat is its _________ that help keeps it upright.

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