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by Timmy Wang

1 2          
3   4           5
6       7 8    
9   10                    

2.A material that the Romans created that was waterproof and strong
3.The title of the person ruling the Roman Empire
6.A structure that the Romans created that could hold a lot of weight. All of the pieces were held together by a keystone
9.The sea south of the Roman Empire
11.A civilization that started in Italy, and became an empire when a Roman general was killed (March 15)
12.A former Roman General and consul who was assassinated on March 15th. (2 Words)
13.Homes that Rich people have in the country
1.The insane emperor that loved and participated in chariot races
2.One of the biggest stadiums in the Roman Empire, mainly used for Chariot Races (2 Words)
4.Meaning Roman Peace, this was a period of time of relative peace and minimal expansion by military force (2 Words)
5.A person who fights in a coliseum for freedom or money
7.The main language that Roman people spoke
8.A religion that spread throughout Rome. They were crucified because they did not hold Roman beliefs
10.The currency used in Rome

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