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Biology Review Units 1-3

Kate Daryll Aninon

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4.More solute in solution than inside cell, water leaves causing the cell to shrink.
7.Rids of the wastes in a cell
11.Tiny hair like structures of the cell that helps it navigate throughout its environment
12.An organism is benefits from a host, yet the host is not harmed nor nourished by it.
13.A state in which equilibrium is achieved in the interior of an organism along with its environment
17.An exterior construct of the cell which is selectively permeable.
18.When two species struggle for the same resources in an area.
20.packages proteins so they could move around the cell easily
22.When a parasite benefits from the host, while the host is being harmed.
24.When an organism feeds on anotehr, usually the prey is killed.
26.Heterotroph class organisms, consumes almost anything that is living.
27.Whip like structure of a cell to help it navigate through its environment
28.The ''Command Center'' of the cell.
29.Any organism that is currently alive, or had been alive once, and affects other organism.
1.The ''transport system'' of the cell
2.The ''fillers'' of the cell
3.Heterotroph class organisms, usually organisms that "consume" another for energy.
4.Less solute in the solution than inside the cell, water enters the cell causing it to expand
5.Equilibrium in the amount of the solute in a solution in and out of the cell, water moves freely back and forth across memebrane
6.Storage of the cell
8.The ''powerhouse'' of the cell
10.Decomposes organic material.
14.Heterotroph class organisms, only consumes producers.
15.Heterotroph class organisms, derives from ''caro''- meaning flesh and ''vorare''- meaning to devour.
16.Autotroph class organisms, usually at the bottom of the food chain, usually plants.
17.Only in plant cells, converts solar energy into eligible substance for the plant to feed upon.
19.Protein synthesizer of the cell
21.Both organisms benefit from each other
23.Found only in plant cells, and extra layer of protection and support outside of the membrane
25.Anything that influence's an organism, yet non living

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