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Revolutionary War

Spencer Davis

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3.Provided for by the Sugar and Stamp Acts, juries were not allowed and the burden of proof was placed on the defendants who were guilty until proven innocent (2 Words)
7.a fort in Pennsylvania where in the winter of 1777-78 American soldiers went without bread for 3 days (2 Words)
9.The Scottish “Father of Modern Economics” who frontally attacked mercantilism (2 Words)
13.facing bankruptcy and was looking for a monopoly in America to sell their tea. (4 Words)
15.a group of British political commentators that warned against corruption and conspiracies (2 Words)
16.required certain colonies to provide food and quarters for British troops. (2 Words)
18.helped spread angry resistance throughout the American colonial society through public defiance and the shunning of British textiles. (2 Words)
22.1500 American sharpshooters looked down upon the British troops and picked them off as they marched bloodily up this hill taking major casualties. (2 Words)
24.Samuel Adams most signal contribution was in organizing this in Massachusetts. (3 Words)
25.British commander sent troops to these two towns near Boston. “Fired the shot heard round the world” (3 Words)
26.The most conspicuous assemblage that brought together 27 delegates from 9 colonies in New York City. They drew up a statement of rights and grievances and beseeched the king and Parliament to repeal the repugnant legislation. (3 Words)
27.cousin of John Adams who kindled resistance by being a master propagandist and engineer of rebellion. (2 Words)
28.one of the men who died in the Boston Massacre (2 Words)
29.Grenville passed a very odious measure that was intended to raise revenues to support the new military force (2 Words)
30.this framed the farsighted and statesmanlike measure the British government had been debating and how it should administer the 60,000 or so French subjects. (2 Words)
1.reaffirmed Parliament’s right “to bind” the colonies “in all cases whatsoever.” (2 Words)
2.a wealthy young French nobleman who was made into a major general in the army at age 19. His commission was largely a recognition of his family influence and political connections, but along with his military service he also gave $200,000 of his private funds. (3 Words)
4.it was the most significant action made by the Congress. It called for complete boycott of British goods: nonimportation, nonexportation, and nonconsumption. (2 Words)
5.The nation’s first president who blessed the new nation with outstanding leadership in the revolutionary war. (2 Words)
6.the royal governor of Virginia who proclaimed that there would be freedom for any enslaved black in Virginia who joined the British Army. (2 Words)
8.met in Philadelphia and the second time the Congress had a full 13 state representation. They hopefully drafted new appeals to the British people and king (3 Words)
10.a master among diplomats. Worked very hard to get the French as allies for the American. (2 Words)
11.met in Philadelphia to consider ways of redressing colonial grievances. 12/13 colonies sent 55 men, Georgia being the only missing colony. It was not a legislative but a consultative body; a convention not a Congress. (3 Words)
12.a salty organizational genius from Germany who trained American Continental soldiers into crack troops. (3 Words)
14.wealth was power and that a country’s economic wealth could be measured by gold in silver in the treasury
17.Charles Townshend rashly promised to pluck feathers from the colonial goose with a minimum of squawking by passing these. (2 Words)
19.first law ever passed by Parliament for raising tax revenue in the colonies for the crown (2 Words)
20.Many charted rights of colonial Massachusetts were taken away by the Boston Port Act and the new Quartering Act that gave local authorities the power to lodge British soldiers anywhere, even in private homes. (2 Words)
21.ten redcoats were nervous and provoked by a crowd of townspeople and opened fire and killed or wounded eleven citizens. (2 Words)
23.a hundred Bostonians loosely disguised as Indians boarded the docked ships and smashed open 342 chests of tea dumping their contents into the Atlantic. (3 Words)

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