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Earthquake and the Icy Epoch Puzzle

Amandeep Parmar

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41               42            

1.The name of the last glaciation
8.Place on earth's surface located approximately 120km east of Anchorage
9.Breaking point
12.One of the exotic Pleistocene giants other than the woolly rhinoceroses
15.Continental ice sheet leaves behind characteristic...
16.Location of the strongest earthquake which occurred 255 km off Sumatra's coast
17.These people said that an earthquake and a large tsunami destroyed a village
19.A crack in the earth's crust
23.All sand comes from this
24.Enormous ice sheets cover this place in the south
25.Stored in deformed areas in the form of elastic potential energy
29.Alberta's largest sand dune
31.A process where ice breaks off and float away as ice bergs
36.V-shaped valleys are formed by this
39.The maximum displacement of a wave from the rest position
40.A type wave that is perpendicular to the direction the wave is traveling
41.Not a tidal wave
42.A type of surface wave that moves the ground from side to side
43.Name of epoch that we are in right now
2.A device that can record seismic waves
3.Slower then P-waves
4.A very large glacier, examples are; Greenland and Antartica
5.Useful for both categorizing and comparing earthquakes
6.Type of epoch that began when snow began to accumulate year after year in polar regions
7.The name of the epoch that began after the end of the Pleistocene epoch
10.A type of earthquake of 1960 that had a magnitude of 9.5
11.Name of earthquake caused by the motion of the Pacific plate relative to the North American plate
13.A type of glacier that forms in mountainous regions at high elevations
14.A type of wave that is parallel to the direction the wave is traveling
18.Most damaging waves
20.Fastest waves
21.Found in the subsurface rock
22.Name of the largest advancing ice sheets
26.A large river of ice that forms on land and moves under the influence of gravity
27.When fresh melt water from the zone ablation runs into streams it forms...
28.A region where p-waves cannot be detected
30.Oceanic crust gets pushed under continental crust
32.A period where continental ice sheets advance to cover large regions of North America and Northern Europe
33.A period where ice sheets cover parts of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
34.Is directly above the focus point
35.A type of surface wave that moves the ground up and down
37.A wave that travels through earth as a result of explosions or earthquakes
38.Small round hills that are shaped like doughnuts

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