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Interpersonal Connections

Julianne, Kara, Lauren & Wilson

To help you review and prepare for the final exam :)

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3.One of the five ways to create secure attachment (starts with c)
9.(two words with a space) Allow us to soak up what we see others do and in this way they link other’s behavior with our internal state. This affects and shapes our own behavior, actions, and feelings
10."The emotion evoked when a child's aroused state is not attuned to by the parent"
11.mechanism by which information and energy flow
12.the way in which the brain creates images of other minds
13.How one mind shapes another. Interpersonal _______________________
14.Brain Development is shaped by _______________ and ________________
1.Brain Development is shaped by _______________ and ________________
2.is essential for the developing brain to acquire the capacity to organize itself more autonomously as the child matures
4.This branch develops in the second year of life.
5.This branch develops in the first year of life
6.Sense of self that emerges from neural integration and memory. Interpersonal __________________________
7.time of development in infants where a stimulus must be present in order for proper development. ___________________ period
8.One of the five ways to create secure attachment (starts with c)

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