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Definition of Nouns Within Anecdote

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44     45

1.A kind of cloth made by rolling and pressing wool or another suitable textile while applying moisture or heat, causing the fibers to mat
3.A contest in which two teams pull at opposite ends of a rope until one drags the other over a central line
6.A large open or main road
7.A sudden quick movement toward something, typically by a number of people. A marsh or waterside plant (genus Juncus, family Juncaceae) with slender stemlike pith-filled leaves, widely distributed in temperate
11.Position, status, or reputation: "their standing in the community"; "a man of high social standing"
15.The half of the field toward which the batsman's feet are pointed when standing to receive the ball
16.A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations
17.A spectacle or display of something, typically an impressive one: "spectacular shows of bluebells"
18.The region of the atmosphere and outer space seen from the earth.
19.A throw of the shot or weight
21.An item in addition to what is usual or strictly necessary
25.A large motor vehicle carrying passengers by road, esp. one serving the public on a fixed route and for a fare
26.A long warm coat worn over other clothing. A top, final layer of paint or a similar covering
28.A small disk or knob sewn on to a garment, either to fasten it by being pushed through a slit made for the purpose, or for decoration
30.A Boolean operator that gives the value one if and only if all the operands are one and otherwise has a value of zero
33.A shaped covering for the head. Used to refer to a particular role or occupation of someone who has more than one
35.The next person or thing: "the week after next"
36.A short, pithy expression that generally contains advice or wisdom. A collection of such expressions identified with a particular person, esp. a political or religious leader
37.The place; the scene of something
39.A position of influence: "an in with the nominee".
40.The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole
41.A long interval or period
43.A monetary unit of Laos, equal to one-hundredth of a kip
44.An adult human male
46.A male; a man: "is that a he or a she?"
2.An act of throwing something: "Jeter's throw to first"
4.A major street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and part of Highway 99
5.A reason or explanation: "the whys and wherefores of these procedures"
8.A period of time equal to a twenty-fourth part of a day and night and divided into 60 minutes: "an extra hour of daylight"
9.The part on each side of a coat or jacket immediately below the collar that is folded back
10.A sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information: "we hope this leaflet has been helpful in answering your questions"
12.An attempt or trial at something: "give it a go". A Japanese board game of territorial possession and capture
13.A condition or supposition: "there are so many ifs and buts in the policy"
14.The side or part of an object that presents itself to view or that is normally seen or used first; the most forward part of something
17.The place in which a cathedral church stands, identified as the seat of authority of a bishop or archbishop
20.The overall quality of a musical or vocal sound: "the piano tone is lacking in warmth"
22.A long, narrow strip of fabric, used esp. for tying something or for decoration
23.Human beings in general or considered collectively. The citizens of a country, esp. when considered in relation to those who govern them
24.Long thin flexible string or rope made from several twisted strands
27.The time or a period of time before the moment of speaking or writing
29.A series of railroad cars moved as a unit by a locomotive or by integral motors
31.A thing made or used for sitting on, such as a chair or stool
32.An ancient Roman copper coin.
34.An organized event at which a number of races or other sporting contests are held: "a swim meet"
38.A period of time equal to a twenty-fourth part of a day and night and divided into 60 minutes. A less definite period of time.
42.The part of a person's or animal's body connecting the head to the rest of the body
44.An adult human male. A male worker or employee: "more than 700 men were laid off"
45.The cardinal number that is the sum of twenty-five and one

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