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Horticulture Cross Word Twenty

Gary Disley

Designed to help Horticulture student think about various terms and plants names

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  5                       6
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1.Musa is also know as?
5.The botanical genus for the one sided bottlebrush?
7.Oranges, lemons and ?
8.The cut off portion of the plant removed for propagation?
9.Kangaroo Paw Genus?
10.This genus consists of Cherries, Almonds, Peaches, plums etc..?
11.The seed growth of the first two leaves is called the ___________stage?
12.A herb commonly used as garnish?
17.Leptospermum is also known as something else in Australia?
20.What is it called when fertilisation occurs in a flower?
22.Genus name for the Australian Emu Bush?
23.Botanical name for Pansy?
25.A climbing plant that has strongly perfumed flowers?
26.Tropical floating water plant that can easily become a weed in warm climates?
27.Female flower part?
2.An exotic plant that thrives in an acidic soil?
3.The process of converting the suns energy into carbohydrates within a plant?
4.Male flower part?
6.The genus for a Pear tree?
10.An inert expanded substance often used in horticulture for propagation?
12.What type of tree produces dates?
13.The genus Campanula also has another common name?
14.Yesterday, today and tomorrow, evergreen shrub?
15.Bird of paradise?
16.Bluebell Creeper?
18.8,300,000 tons of this tropical fruit are produced worldwide every year?
19.What genus of plant does the beveridge tea comes from?
21.A native plant that thrives in acidic soil?
24.A herb that is a member of the allium family?

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