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general 1

Chris Thompson

1 2 3 4
6   7 8        
9                   10        
11           12
      13               14      
  16                 17               18  
    19 20           21     22    
23         24          
  25       26          
27     28                  
30             31  
  33             34       35        
  37         38
39       40           41      
43     44          
    45   46      

5.A place for your car.
8.You wear it on your finger.
9.When a plane leaves the ground.
10.You can go down it.
13.An English Autobahn.
14.You eat it with a spoon.
15.It's a real fruit.
16.You go here for a paper.
17.Found together with fruit.
20.A very round junction.
24.Very light.
25.The Germans call them chips.
27.This is where the doctor works.
29.People play a ball sport here.
30.Where does a baker bake?
33.Two nice days in the week.
35.Younger than an adult.
36.An important place for Muslims.
39.A time for eating.
40.You can feed the ducks here.
42.A place for lots of ill people.
43.A place full of lessons.
46.This is a popular pet.
47.A vehicle for waterways.
48.A way of paying.
49.My father's brother.
1.Every husband has one.
2.You can walk on it.
3.This is a serious illness.
4.Mum, dad and the kids.
6.He works in the garden.
7.The best sport, perhaps.
11.You can catch it, or miss it.
12.When the doctor has time for you.
13.You can ride it.
18.When things go really wrong.
19.First, you have to pay
21.He builds your house.
22.Cars stop here.
23.You can borrow books here.
26.You can hang out here.
28.What do you wear?
30.Somewhere to cross a river.
31.A place to sleep.
32.You can go here to pray.
34.It's needed for chips.
35.An activity with a bike.
37.A very sandy place.
38.You can see them better with them.
41.Someone who breaks the test rules.
44.This has a strong taste.
45.One for each foot.

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