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Romeo and Juliet - Act II Review

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3.“Wisely and slow; they _____ that run fast.” – Friar Laurence to Romeo
6.Juliet wants Romeo to deny his father and _____ his name.
8.Romeo tells the Nurse that _____ loves to hear himself talk and assures her that he is harmless.
10.“They are but _____ that can count their worth.” – Juliet to Romeo
13.Juliet demands that Romeo pronounces his love faithfully and doesn’t swear by the _____ moon.
15.“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet” is an example of this literary term.
19.Juliet asks Romeo to send her word the next day of where and when their _____ will take place.
20.“These _____ delights have _____ ends.” – Friar Laurence warns to Romeo before their marriage
22.Friar Laurence claims he can still see a _____ stain that has not yet been washed off his cheek.
24.“Parting is such sweet _____, that I shall say good-night till it be morrow.” – Juliet to Romeo
27.Romeo asks Friar Laurence to not _____, or ridicule, him for his change of heart.
28.Romeo leaves the Capulet Orchard to go to his “ghostly father’s _____”.
29.The friar agrees to marry the young couple only to turn the households’ _____ to pure love.
1.Mercutio claims that Tybalt is the courageous captain of _____ (in other words, a master of etiquette).
2.“Being held a _____, he may not have access to breathe such vows as lovers use to swear.”
4.Mercutio tries to conjure Romeo out of hiding by invoking _____ and Cupid, two figures of love.
5.According to Romeo, _____ “jests at scars that never felt a wound.”
7.Impatiently waiting for the Nurse, Juliet claims that love’s heralds, or _____, should be ten times faster than the sun’s beams.
9._____ lends Romeo and Juliet power to overcome their obstacles.
11.Romeo wants Juliet to ‘devise some means to come to _____ that afternoon’.
12.The Nurse arrives to find ‘the young _____’.
14.Friar Laurence explains that there lies both _____ and medicine within the buds of flowers.
16.“My _____, dear saint, is hateful to myself because it is an enemy to thee.” – Romeo to Juliet
17.Benvolio reveals that Tybalt sent a _____ to Romeo’s house.
18.Romeo claims that _____ guided him to Juliet and gave him wings to climb the high orchard walls.
19.“It is the eastern light, and Juliet is the sun” is an example of this literary term.
21.“I wish I were a _____ on her hand so that I could touch her cheek.” – Romeo
23.When Romeo arrives, Friar Laurence perceives that Romeo ‘hath not been in _____ the night before’.
25.At the end of Scene IV, the Nurse secretly tells Romeo about _____.
26.Mercutio asks Peter to give the Nurse a _____ to hide her face.

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