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3   4      
  5       6    
7   8  
9                       10
  13   14          
      15 16 17    

1.The average
3.A flat surface that extends infinitely in all directions
5.To explain why a solution was chosen
9.A whole number plus a nfraction
12.The perpandicular distance from the base of a shape to the highest point of the shape
14.A line segment whose end points are on a circle
18.An integar less than 0
19.A relationship between two sets of data that shows up as a pattern in na scatter plot
20.An ordered list of numbers
2.A 2-dimentional model that can be folded to make a solid
4.An angle less than 90 degrees
6.The set of whole numbers and their opposites
7.A graph that uses bars to show the frequency of data within equal intervals
8.sample thats represents an entire population
10.To estimate;to come close to or almost exact
11.An unproven mathematical or scientific theorem
13.A line that intersects a circle at exactly one point
15.Half of the diameter .
16.To divide a segment,angle, or figure into two congruent parts
17.To give evidence that a solution or process is correct

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