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Education Advocacy

Center for Child Wlefare and Education

A fun crossword puzzle dealing with key words that build the future for the Center for Child Welfare and Education.

1 2 3 4
5       6           7            
    17     18 19        

5.Name a region that Rhonda Best serves that begins with an "W"?
7.Name a region that Mary Chepulis serve?
10.Name a region that Ann Wells serves that begins with an "F"?
11.What monthly meeting do we support concerning our wards?
16.Name the current Director of the project?
18.What new method is used to assist teachers with academic interventions?
20.What is a key word used to describe the future of the project?
21.Who are educational at risk?
22.What will make the future of the project successful?
1.Name a region that Donnis Briscoe serves that begins with an "L"?
2.Name an individual intervention that is needed for children between the ages of 16-21?
3.The name of the evaluation that is used to determine if a students needs special services?
4."To promote________success and social competence in school for children educationally at risk"
6.Name a board member that is a retired principal?
8.An individual who speaks or acts knowledgeably for the educational needs of others.
9.Name a suburban region that Yasmina Sefiane serves that begins with an "S"?
12.Name a region that Bessie Peabody serves that begins with an "A"?
13.What is an important quality of an educational advisor?
14.What is the big buss word in DCFS when is comes to children returning home?
15.Name one of the most popular individual intervention for an education issue?
17.Name a region that Arlecia Brown serves that begins with an "B"?
19.In the past the Educational Advisors provided_______ to the community?

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