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Brandon Nimmers, Ashlee Brown-Hillard, Isaac Pleasant, Steven Craig

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41                       42 43         44 45    
            46     47   48
  54               55            

2.phenotype shows the physical?
4.the largest house of nature.
8.a group of organisms or individuals that belong to the same species, and live in the same area.
11.a measure of how different life is in a area.
12.made menelian genetics.
13.eats other animals.
15.changes in behavior to be more suited to ones enviorment.
16.a tube that isolates DNA by placing the cells in a special solution.
22.small organelles filled with enzymes.
23.a physical or behavioral charecteristic of an organism.
24.when there are many different genes in a population.
25.obtains energy by eating plants.
28.and individual which only contains 2 dominant traits.
29.its ribosomes.
30.when things change for the better over time.
31.the smallest component of life.
32.stores the cells water.
34.the largest part of a typical neuron.
36.the special allele combination for a certain gene.
38.the process in which new species are created.
41.the combination of 2 allels which makes a pair.
43.you can wear them..
49.an assemblage of different populations.
50.eats plants and animals.
51.the brain of the cell.
52.things that make their own food.
53.uses energy from the enviorment to fuel the assembly of simple inorganic compounds into complex molecules.
54.one of the four DNA bases. (starts with a C)
55.a group of organisms so similar that they can breed and produce fertile offspring.
56.an individual which contains one of each, dominant and recessive.
1.this type of skin cell starts with the latin root "fib".
3.captures energy from sunlight using photosynthesis.
5.a group of ecosystems with the same climate and similar dominant communities.
6.a ancestor from which more then one species have evolved.
7.coverts chemical energy for cells use.
9.the physical appearance you get from the genotype.
10.the diffusion of water through a semi-permiable membrane
14.a collection of all the organisms that live in a particular place with their nonliving or physical enviorment.
17.the change of one or more nucleotide in DNA.
18.one of the four DNA bases. (starts with a G)
19.theese type of traits are determined by genes.
20.its chromosome!
21.structures containing genetic information passed on through generations
26.the process of searching for safe and effective treatments to be tested with in a living organism.
27.small particles of RNA in protein found through out the cytoplasm.
31.the portion of the cell outside the nucleus.
33.the scientific study of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their enviorment.
35.transfer this into Mrna- uaggguaga.
37.this involves growing cells under artificial conditions such as in a lab attached to a artificial surfaces, or suspended in a special solution.
39.a structure that performs cellular functions.
40.one of the four DNA bases. (starts with a T)
42.tranfer this into Mrna- aguaggaug.
44.this word means when somethings whole physical appearance is copied.
45.the study of life.
46.when the genotype consist of a dominant and reccesive allele the phenotype will show ?
47.one of the four DNA bases. (starts with an A)
48.a remnant or trace of an animal stuck in the earths crust

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