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ACT Plan Puzzle #7

Dr. Reimer

This puzzle uses items 151-175 in the Plan Vocabulary Packet.

1               2
  5   6
9                 10          
12         13         14  
17           18       19      

1.make automatic or control or operate automatically
3.wait in hiding to attack
4.a clear seasoned broth
7.weaken mentally or morally
8.the state of being degenerate in mental or moral qualities
9.compensation received by virtue of holding an office or having employment (usually in the form of wages or fees)
10.a group of people having approximately the same age
12.infinitely wise
15.habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition
16.influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering
17.a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence
18.lacking grace in movement or posture
20.vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment
21.having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as
22.a sermon on a moral or religious topic
23.assembling in proper numerical or logical sequence
1.not faithful to religion or party or cause
2.wrangle (over a price, terms of an agreement, etc.)
5.an auxiliary activity
6.someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field
10.the dead and rotting body of an animal; unfit for human food
11.disposed or willing to comply
13.avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues)
14.deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises
19.unrighteousness by virtue of lacking respect for a god

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