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1.to brag about something continuously from lets say brand new car
5.author of book
6.making a desicion about someon without knowing them
11.big mean bully
12.aniamal lover in the book owner of luthor
14.to have guts to stand up to someone, bravery
16.exellent at everything
18.it takes alot of e----- to run 8 km
19.computer genious in book
21.you've been acting strangely latley f----
2.his owner is b--
3.has a problem who randomly falls asleep but with ferret faces owner
4.what they call griffin bing in the book
6.it should work with the right p---
7.opposite of dumb
8.to cheat about the value of something
9.someone who causes alot of drama uncontrollaby starts stuff
10.to hide someone or something especially being chased by someone for revenge
13.to show how much you tried e-----
15.the man with the plan in book
17.actor in book
20.scary dog who savannah loves

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