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Canada Crossword

  3 4
5                       6  
    8   9    
10           11                      
12                       13
14 15       16          
19             20      
21   22
23   24              

2.Canada is the ____ biggest country in the world.
5.Canada's southern neighbor (2 Words)
10.It is legal for Canadians to harpoon _____.
11.Canada's continent (2 Words)
12.Most Canadians live in the _____ part of Canada.
16.official languages of Canada are English and _______
17.often hailed as the man who discovered Canada (2 Words)
18.The capital of ____ is Whitehorse.
19.biggest city in Canada
20.Canada has a lot of ___ in winter.
24.an American game that has captured Canadian interest
25.number of points on a Canadian maple leaf
1.Christmas and Easter are the most important religious ____ in Canada.
3.The capital of _____ is Regina.
4.Canada's capital city
6.Grizzly, black, and _____ ______ are found in Canada. (2 Words)
7.Canadians preserve their ___ in an ice house.
8.Canada's ________ is 32,636,294.
9.July 1 holiday (2 Words)
13.The Canadian government requires children to attend ___ until 15 or 16.
14.The official ____ of Canada is "from sea to sea".
15.instead of field hockey, Canadians play ____ _______. (2 Words)
21.What does "Inuit" mean?
22.Canada has 1/4 of the world's fresh __________ supply.
23.Canada is the leading exporter of _____ products.
24.national symbol of Canada

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