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People, Power & Politics: Gough Whitlam

Mr O'Neill

Revision on the Dismissal of Gough Whitlam in 1975 by the then Governor-General, Sir John Kerr.

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3.Gough's profession before entering politics
5.The name of the event which describes Gough's sacking as PM
6.Whitlam's role with UNESCO
7.House of Representatives
9.Raft of changes put in place to bettor peoples' lives
10.Controversies which plagued Whitlam's time in office
14.What the Liberal/National Party are referred to as...
15.Number of times Gough was elected PM
16.Number of years the ALP spent in opposition
18.11th November
1.Organisation Gough worked for after his dismissal
2.Whitlam's deputy/treasurer who resigned after a scandal
4.Seat Whitlam held
5.Situation in which both houses of parliament are dissolved
8.Gough Whitlam's successor as PM
11.The Upper House
12.Governor-General who sacked the PM
13.Only prime minister since Federation to be sacked
17.First name of Gough Whitlam
19.Abbreviation for the Australian Labor Party

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