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A Qualitative Analysis of Patient-Reported Symptoms of Anemia

Jessy Alfred John

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1.72% of the patients was reported to be "________"
7.RBC transfusions were given for profund_________.
9._____ stimulates the production of RBC in the bone marrow.
12.This study was a re-analysis of ________________data
15.Patients with ____ progressively lose the ability to produce EPO.
17.Exclusion criteria for this study included failure to meet sample ________criteria at the time of the interview.
18.The use of ______alfa to treat anemia in CKD patients on dialysis significantly reduced the need for blood transfusions.
19.One of the objective was to list the ____patterns and eight themes of codes from the orginal study.
20.In 1989, US _____approved the use of human recombinant EPO alfa.
21.The objective of this study was to understand how______with CKD on dialysis experience anemia.
2.Levin(1992) reported an average 50% increase in peak ______ consumption as hematocrit levels increased.
3.One of the codes which produced 106 mentions is the word _____
4.Energy and the other_______were also directly related by the respondents to rising and falling hematocrit levels.
5.Erythropoietin is produced by_________.
6.Extremely tired or unable to do anything but sleep, was coded as _____
8.In the study population, the patients were identified by the practitioners as those whose _____had dropped.
10.Inclusion criteria for this study,patients had to have received EPO in their anemia ______ and had to experiencedrop in hematocrit levels.
11.Witholding EPO, patients experience significant decrease in _______and became anemic.
13.The findings from this study suggest that when patients level of hemoglobin fall, they experience problems with __________energy.
14.Loss of the ability to transport oxygen causes tissue________.
16."______" was reported by 76% of study patients.

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