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the great bear puzzle


a last bit of ec to thee glee as you browse this bountiful bounty of bodacious bruins

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4 5          
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10                     11     12             13  
        14 15          
17                   18    
      22         23
      24                   25                  
      26     27               28          
    31                             32                        
  33       34   35    
  36 37                              
39                               40                
  44   45   46        
  47                             48      
  51                       52          
53                           54              

1.if Nicky e Pooh lied to you it would be this
5.jesus loves this stuff but needs decafinated version
6.what lots of you say Mr. Haton's bear jokes are
9.martial artist bear
10.star of the country bear movies
11.bear famous for being gentle
15.bumbling bruin in the video game banjo and kazooie
16.8th grade dance or any dance featuring Lesdy
17.this big bad bear croons some awful toons
20.constellation the little bear
21.zeke, zeb, ted, fred and tennessee
24.evil bear in toy story three
27.in dr doolittle two he was a talking bear at least to the dr.
28.were bear in the hobbit
29.white bear in Tolkien's father Christmas letters, lives near Santa
31.if Marie needed something it would be this
32.killed him a bear when he was only three
33.rude and crude dude in popular movie, he was a real live teddy bear
37.tasty ciniamon cracker treats
39.chubby little cubby or akil harris
40.what happens if cheeser trips
42.cheesers nickname or a kids tv show
43.bear with too hot pooridge or Darwin
47.disney attraction and movie
49.disney jungle book bear
51.stuffed bruin
52.muppet bruin
53.only you and he can prevent forest fires
54.fabric softener bear
55.his pooridge was just right
56.proper english bear or akil harris
57.smarter than the average bear
58.constellation the great bear
2.pop drinking northern bears
3.Chicago baseball team the loveable losers named for small bears
4.how Stanley sends his letters and post cards
7.most common colors of bears
8.jesus enemies as he looks for honey
12.goldilocks visited their house
13.what Joe is to his sibling or a popular disney movie
14.big bad bear in disney movie brave
18.chicago's football team and Daniel's favorite
19.If I hang around with Bratney i have a
21.bear with no hair anywhere
22.chance's favorite saying it means to encourage dumb behavior
23.what Kyla climbs in search of honey
25.largest non polar bear
26.white bear from up north
30.if you are thinking about Allison you have a
34.beorn in the hobbit or what Lovell would be if he were a wearcreature
35.her pooridge was too cold
36.yogi's girlfriend wannabe
38.bear treat which martin loves
40.yogi's sidekick
41.always chasing but never catching brer rabit
44.sweet chewy candy bears
45.bear down in spanish
46.what Akil has even when wearing shoes on them
48.bear named after fabric
50.if you have Ricardo walking in front of you you have this

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