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3   4        
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9   10          
12   13   14   15        

1.to go to see someone
3.a fruit produced by a tall tropical palm
5.to damage an airplane in landing
7.a battery-operated portable light
9.inscription in memory of a dead person
11.to rest on the surface of water or to be suspended in a fluid
13.to live in
16.to arrive at a destination
17.to assist
18.to move on foot
19.to descend lower and lower
2.to divide or break in pieces
4.a survivor of a shipwreck
6.a group of people trained to work together
8.to begin flight
10.a body of land surrounded by water
12.a flat structure for support or transportation on water
14.to occur
15.to deposit something in the earth
17.an elevation of land

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