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Acts, Treaties, and Prospects



2.The U.S. Minister to Mexico, James Gadsden negotiated for more land. They paid Mexico $10 million dollars for the _______ ________. The land consisted of southern parts of present day New Mexico and Arizona. The U.S. wanted this land for the transcontinental railroad. With this purchase the boundaries of the U.S. border were formed. (2 Words)
4.On January 24th, 1848, James Marshall discovered ____ while building a saw mill. Thousands traveled the arduous journey to California to prospect for ____. By the next year San Francisco had become a booming port city with nearly 25,000 people. There was an approximate 70 mile stretch of land used for mining in Northern California. The value of ____ sky rocketed over the next 5-7 years. Production of ____ peaked at more than $60 million in 1853. (2 Words)
5.These ______ consisted of the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, the Taos trail, Fort Smith- Santa Fe Trail, the Old Spanish Trail, and the California Trail. (3 Words)
1.Nicholas Trist was sent to Mexico to negotiate a peace treaty and aid ending the Mexican War. After many months Trist defied orders to go back to Washington and negotiated the______ __ _________ _______. The treaty resolved Mexican claims to Texas and ceded much of Northern Territory to the U.S. (4 Words)
3.The Congressional act that authorized the ________ of American ______ from east of the Mississippi River to the Indian Territory, this was done by 1846. (3 Words)

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