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Nancy Coxwell

This puzzle includes meds and ATI for eye disorders. If there are two words, skip a space between words.

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2.Direct-acting, indirect-acting cholinergics, adrenergics, antiadrenergics, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, osmotic diuretics, and prostaglandin agonists are _______ drugs.
5.Beta - _______ blockers decrease IOP. Adverse effects include weakness, eye irritation, rash, bradycardia, hypotension, and dysrhythmias.
7.Concurrent use of antibiotics and _______ may impede the therapeutic effects of ocular antimicrobials.
8.These agents are first line medication used to control angle-closure glaucoma until surgery.
9.Sympathomimetic drugs that DILATE the pupil. Adverse effects include burning, eye pain, and lacrimation.
10.Beta blocker med. Tx open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension.
15.Corticosteriod that tx ocular inflammation. Also for uveitis, iridocyclitis, allergic conditions, burns, and removal of foreign bodies.
17.Anesthetic eyedrop that numbs the eye for procedures.
18.Mydriasis drug used for ophthalmic procedures. Prevents accommodation.
19.One of the most potent and selective beta-blocking drugs, used primiary for cardio disorders, but exellent for tx of glaucoma and ocular hypotension. .
20.Prodrug of epinephrine
21.This drug reduces IOP and intracranial pressure and is in the first line medication used to control angle-closure glaucoma until surgery..
22.Ophthalmic ______ are for prevention/relief of pain. Adverse effects may include CNS excitation, e.g., dizziness, tremors, restlessness, nervousness.
1.Reverses mydriatic drugs and restores normal pupillary function.
3.Management of ocular hypertension and for laser eye surgery by inhibit ocular eye pressure.
4.________ drugs used systemically may also be used ophthalmically to treat various ocular inflammatory disorders and ocular surgery-related pain and inflammation. Adverse effects include transient burning or stinging.
6.Cholinergic drugs that CONSTIRICT the pupil and treat glaucoma.
11.This med produces miosis during ophthalmic surgery. It is a cholinergic direct acting.
12.Anesthetic eyedrop that numbs the eye for procedures.
13.Prodrug of prostaglandin that reduces IOP.
14.Always apply ophthalmic preparations into the ______ sac.
16.Apply pressure to the inner canthus after instillation of medication to prevent systemic absorption and systemic adverse effects.

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