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Science Crossword

Jacob Silberfarb


1 2 3     4    
  7                   8
9             10             11    
12   13        
  14 15      
16           17         18  

3.Large areas with similar geographical climate are _____.
5.Only layer that has convection currents.
7.Major fault that runs through California.
9.____ leaves a U shaped valley.
10.Hot air rises and falls is called _____.
13.Most erosion is done by ______.
16._____ is above the asthenosphere.
19.____ proposed Pangea the super continent.
20.Used energy is mostly released as ____.
1.____ is made my a glacier or running water and is a low flat area.
2._____ rain forests are located along the coast.
4.___ is a fault that runs under the ocean.
6.What is the source of all energy in our atmosphere?
8.____ valley is a major agriculture producer in California.
11.What type of force builds up the land?
12.______ winds squeeze through canyons toward the coast.
14.What factor is a living part of an ecosystem?
15.____ is the ability to cause change.
17.____ are the fastest seismic wave.
18.There are ___ Seismic waves

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