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Several terms needed to pass the ESL teaching certification test...

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49                 50 51        
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56                     57      

2.State assessment for ELLS
4.p, t, k, s
9.TELPAS-Single words, small phrases, little writing ability
10.small numbers- elementary or newcomers
13.Informal fluency but needs help with academic language
15.Listening and reading
16.Meet criteria and monitor for 2 years
17.Back of the tongue to the soft palate or velum - k, g, ng
18.Most effective communication support
20.Tip of tongue to alveolar ridge (bony tooth ridge) d, n, t, s, z
25.Idioms - other meaning
26.8-14 months old - comprehend> produce, connect sounds/meaning
28.? vs. Doe 1982, Schools are not involved in immigration
29.TELPAS-Understands key words and phrases, present tense
30.Learner progresses when L2 input is one step beyond competency
33.Tongue is between upper and lower teeth - th
34.Teach both L1 and L2
37.Committee to review for LEP; parent permission for BIL or ESL
38.Silent Period/No English and/or too shy to speak
42.Alveopalatal - front of tongue to hard plate - sh, z
44.All parents fill out for k-8 and sign, 9-12 can sign for own
47.1-2 word phrases, simple sentences, single word/yes/no answers
49.Airstream through the vocal chords - p, b, t, d
52.Adding to your culture
53.Speaking and writing
54.Academics, high order thinking skills
55.ELLS who speak different languages /all content areas/same room
56.I do, we do, you do
58.purpose of the language - to ask, commandm retell, etc..
59.science of speech sounds
60.natural language, unstructured, silent period
1.formal vs. informal...the way to speak in different situations
3.natural language, unstructured, focus on communication, no pressure
5.speech sound
6.b, d, g, z
7.Both lips together-p, b, m
8.share almost the same meaning and spelling, from different languages
11.formal vs. informal, spoke vs. written
12.TELPAS-Past, future and present, abstract and content based words
14.Being completely surrounded by L2 - no translation
19.Beyond social language, fluent speech, writes and retells stories, opinions
21.? Filter - the way a student feels impacts his/her receptiveness to learning
22.Not good - drills, structured, errors corrected immediately
23.Example - Mitten, Pork n Beans
24.Losing your culture
27.? vs. Pickard 1981, ESL/BIL must be investigated for effectiveness
31.SIOP model, large concentration of ELLs with different L1
32.Expanded understanding, still beginners, longer phrases, how? why?
35.newcomers with very little to no proficiency in English
36.planning for learning, monitoring one's own comprehension
39.Limited English Proficient
40.? vs. Nichols, 1974, must provide L2 support
41.Background knowledge on a concept
43.TELPAS-Minimal support, writes like a native speaker
45.the way context contributes to meaning, i.e. sarcasm
46.sentence structure
48.Bottom lip to upper teeth - f, v
50.LEP needs parent conference and signature
51.affixes and root words - study of formation
57.Woodcock Munoz Language Survey - all students take- can compare to peers

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