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History of People On The Move

Mr V

A look back at our cultural histories and the ways and reasons people travelled to new lands to investigate, explore and live.

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1.Australia was colonised by these people sent from Britain.
3.These religious people travelled to foreign countries to spread the word of God.
6.A Native American house that could be moved easily.
8.Native Americans used to travel the rivers by ______________.
9.This explorer discovered many new species of plants and animals and wrote a book about the origin of species.
11.People that hunted seals.
13.People who are forced to leave their countries and homes are called _____________.
2.This man was said to have discovered America first.
4.Captain of the Endeavor.
5.Early ______________ travelled from Hawaiki
7.These people went walkabout in the Australian desert.
8.These people where one of the very early explorers and also reputed to have invented gunpowder.
10.These people travelled in horse drawn caravans all over Europe.
12.Negro people were transported to America as ______________.

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