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Earth Science Final Exam Review

Erica G

1 2 3 4               5
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11   12                 13

3.The _______________ describes how a rock may be changed from igneous to sedimentary to metamorphic. (2 Words)
6._______________ is a mixture of weathered rocks and remains of plants and animals.
8.The tendency of minerals to break unevenly, leaving jagged edges, is _______________.
9.The layer of gases that surrounds the earth is the _______________.
11.A barometer measures _______________.
14.The basic shape a mineral tends to take.
16.The speed of _______________ helped predict how fast a storm will arrive.
18._________ and oxygen are the main gases in the atmosphere.
19.A _______________ is a natural solid material made of one or more minerals
20.Specific _______ is the measure of a mineral's weight to the weight of the same volume of water.
1.An area where _______________ drains into a river and its tributaries is a drainage basin
2.A deep valley on the ocean floor is a _______________
4.The _______________ absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun. (2 Words)
5.The _______________ shelf is part of the continent that extends underwater into the ocean.
7._______________ is the breaking down of rocks on the earth's surface
10.When air contains too much _______________, humidity is high
12.Lava is _______________ that comes out onto Earth's surface.
13.An _______________ is a substance that cannot be changed or separated into other kinds of substances.
15._______________ is the wearing away and moving of weathered rock and soil.
17.A characteristic that describes matter is a _______________.

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