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Red Tailed Hawk

Mr. Forbes

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4.During the mating process, the hawked fly in _____ around each other. (Shape)
6.A red-tailed hawk is a big bird, with a wingspan of over ____ ____ (1.2 meters).
8.The pair make a _____ nest (Material used for nests)
10.When a hawk is sitting on a branch, it is _________.
11.The Red-Tailed Hawk is a top _________.
12.Other members of this bird family include eagles, ______, and falcons.
14.A hawk _______ down on its prey. (Name for the movement)
15.Another name for movement through the roads or grasslands.
16.Lizards, rabbits, & ______ are prey for Hawks (Another name for a mouse)
17.The nest is lined with ___ ____ material.
26............a half ______ (0.7 kilograms) and a little more than three ______ (1.4 kilograms).
27.Young birds can leave the nest when they are ____ ______ old.
29.The male makes a _____ dive for the ground then flies up.
30.This is the place a hawk hunts from.
31.The oldest captive red-tailed hawk lived to be ______-____.
32.The oldest known wild red-tailed hawk lived to be _______-____ years old.
34.Baby Red-Tailed Hawks are white with ______ ______.
35.These hawks generally live in ____________ and wooded areas.
37.This is the country that the Red-Tailed Hawk hunts in. (Your country)
38.A Red-Tailed _______ is the subject of this puzzle.
39.Red-Tailed Hawk eggs hatch after a ______.
41.Red-tailed hawks are important members of the ___________ where they live.
42.Its the hawk the Red-Tailed Hawk was named for...The _____-____ Hawk.
1.Red-Tailed Hawks mate for _______ (Time)
2.The opposite of predator is ________. A hunter hunts _________.
3._______ are another member of the hawk's biology group.
5.Smaller birds, such as _________, often use red-tailed hawk nests as their own.
7.Red-Tailed Hawk families lay ____ _____ per nest.
9.They help control populations of small mammals such as rabbits, as well as help farmers by keeping down the numbers of mice, ______, and other rodents that eat their crops.
13.The female hawk is the _______ of the two hawks. (Male or Female)
18.The clws on a hawk are called ______.
19.The courtship (Mating process) involves ________ ________ flying.
20.30 meters is approximtely ______ high. (Height)
21.A red-tailed hawk is a big bird, with a body that can reach just over ___ _____ (0.6 meters) long.
22.The smaller of the gender is the _______ hawk (Male or Female)
23.Because their ______ are so big, the hawks cannot move them inside their sockets, and have to move their heads to see in different directions.
24.The scientific name for the red-tailed hawk is Buteo __________.
25.An ______ hawk weighs between one and..........
28.Baby red-tailed hawks are covered with _____, ______ feathers.
33.A hawk can spot a mouse from ______ feet away. (Number)
36.All hawks are a member of this family. (Hint: Veloci______)
40.The red-tailed hawk has a strong ______, built to tear its food into pieces to swallow whole.

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