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Dance Terminology

Sara Berg

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2.Refers to moving with the beats in music.
4.The part of the foot just behind the toes.
5.A position of the feet in which the heels are back to back and the toes point out to the sides.
7.A step forward or side, bending knee and checking the movement, maintaining an upward poise in the torso and head.
9.A position similar to the first position, but with one foot in front, the heel and toe of the front footadjacent to the toe and heel of the back foot.
11.To move ones feet and or body rythmecally in a pattern of steps usually to music.
13.A handrail placed at hip height, used by dancers to keep balance during practice.
14.The process of delaying the rotation of the head, relative to the body's rotational speed, focusing one on point in space.
15.A position in which the feet overlap at the heels with the toes pointing out in opposite directions to the left and right.
17.A position in which the feet are at right angles to the direction of the body, the toes pointing out, with one foot forward and the other foot back.
18.Ballet on the tip of the toes
20.Measured movement.
22.A formal gesture of greeting or respect by a women where her knees are bent, her head slightly bowed and the skirt held outwards.
23.A position in ballet where the dancer stands on one leg with one arm extended in front and the other leg and arm extended behind.
24.A dance style that blends ballet and jazz dance. A bit faster than ballet but slower than jazz. The dancer expresses emotion.
1.A step in ballet where the dancer springs from one leg and lands on the other.
3.1904--83, US choreographer, born in Russia.
4.Lean outside your base of support and rotate the upper body in a broad arc.
6.Move the free foot in a given direction with light contact with the floor and take weight. Same as Glide.
8.A position in which the feet are spread apart and are at right angles to the direction of the body, the toes pointing out.
10.a dance form or dance that is matched to the rhythms of this style of music, developed by American blacks in the early part of the 20th century.
12.A full turn of the body on the point of the toe or the ball of the foot in ballet.
14.Step forward and with a soft knee, straighten leg, rise slightly off the floor, and return to the floor on the same foot. It is a step, hop.
16.The art of composting dances and planning and arranging the movements, steps, and patterns of dancers.
19.a gliding step in which one foot is kept in advance of the other.
21.A beat or count is one unit or accent in the recurring rhythm of a piece of music.

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