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Christina Li

Space terms crossword puzzle.

1 2
3 4                 5
7     8                
10   11               12      
    13           14    
  16 17

4.The distance light travels in a vacuum in one year. (2 Words)
6.unit of measure of atmospheric pressure
8.Radio signals from a spacecraft used to encode and transmit data to a ground station.
9.the only known satellite of pluto
10.is a cataclysmic explosion caused when a star exhausts its fuel and ends its life, is the most powerful forces in the universe.
12.term used to describe a large circular plain
13.Backwards; as applied to an orbit, moving in the opposite sense from the great majority of solar system bodies.
15.Electromagnetic energy, photons
18.a small white star formed when an average sized star uses up its fuel supply and collapses (2 Words)
19.surface of the sun
20.A small body of ice and dust in orbit around the Sun. While passing near the sun, a comet's vaporized ice become its "tail"
1.An object whose gravity is so strong that the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light. (2 Words)
2.A small rock in space.
3.A round impression left in a planet or satellite from a meteoroid.
5.the sun's outer atmosphere
7.another name used to describe a canyon
11.low point of an orbit
14.the point towards which a body is moving
16.a point directly overhead from an observer
17.The path of an object that is moving around a second object or point.

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