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1 2         3    
4           5      
  7   8             9 10 11            
    12           13
          14 15   16        
      18 19   20              
            26 27  
28                                   29                
      31     32
33 34                        
35         36    
37 38                           39                  
40                     41                          
    42         43  
    44                 45                        

2.townumbers join togethe
4.innio amountof atar
8.big amountn of numbers
11.is a closepane with at least three sides
16.describe th line
17.is a squencee of numbers in which each term ofter the first is the result of adding and fixed number
20.is any alue or values that make an equation on a enequality true
24.ratio thnata comparesd
25.are angles that have the same measure
28.is a number whose decimal form neither terminates nor repeat
29.is data
30.are events for which the occurrence of one event effects the probability of the occurrent of the ther
34.a given number is a number that when multiply itself equals the given number
37.the distance
39.valus hat shows the ,ost
40.is a trasformation that flips a figure over a line or reflection
44.possible reslut
45.as a number
46.a variable
47.an acouth
48.a colection of numbers
1.is the number of square units of a figure
3.are hole numbers
5.Is a big number
6.result ofan equation
7.arefigures that have the same shape
9.is the amunt
10.is letter that stands for a number
12.is a group of items in which the oder of the items a number line
13.thenumbers that showathe most
14.is a senttence
15.are two or ,ore
18.multliply the previous term by a fixed number
19.are terms withnthte
21.is a graph that shows the sistribution of data of the items is not important
22.is a shape two circular parallel and congruent bases
23.is amthe
27.in an integer
31.are numbers that divede a data set into four equal parts
32.the distance
33.as a patter that can befolded to form a space figure
35.multiplys a variable
36.is the longest side of a triangel which is the oppositethe right angle
38.is a graph that compares amounts
41.is a space figure with two parallel and congruent polygn fces and lateral faces that are parallellogram
42.a space figure is the number of its needed to fill in
43.is a number orthe product of a number and Variables

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