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1 2
5       6 7        
9           10          
    12     13  
15           16 17  
  18   19        
20 21 22   23             24
25                       26

3.fast became a favourite as his name suggests
5.the dutch would serve him up on it
7.was a little scatter brained we hear.
9.have some art lessons from Tony we hear.
10.one of the best wingers ever. He was never over a barrel
11.never disappeared in goal unlike the rabbit
12.always liked to go "bombing" on as his name suggests
15.an old weapon maker with a great engine
19.just like the gun we brought him over the pond and perfected him.
21.he who makes cowboys leg protection
25.sounds like Jane and him had a great partnership
27.would never be seen wearing red,just like miss Scarlet
28.never kept a diary but like the song, have you seen him miss?
29.a steel door is strong but a timber barrier is just as good in defence
30.a meaty player, did his boy follow
31.unlucky with injuries, they stopped him going too far as the film says
1.others wanted him but he only had an eye for Leeds
2.we hear it was never dull watching him play
4.Arnold says he will be and we'd have him too we so to say.
5.Ians namesake was the top off an engine group
6.if he hadn't been a great player he still could have provided food
8.there were no grey areas with this defender we hear
10.If we were to pick him we'd always be picking the best.
13.see, he might scratch we hear
14.James was still learning how to add half of davids name, such a hassle
16.plenty of power for an old car to run around midfield.
17.he could walk on water but he just crossed a stream here, or so we hear.
18.Michael would not succeed we hear, unlike this midfielder
20.an old english snake I hear.
22.laugh at this players country we hear.
23.sound like he should have been a keeper that pushes the balls away.
24.artist who could never finish.
26.Hot stuff, never needed to try to win our appreciation.

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