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The disorganised crosswords


Putting the 'fun' back in 'fundementalism'

1     2 3 4
6     7   8    
10     11 12 13                
    15 16                  
17                 18                
19 20         21                      
  23   24    
25                   26     27          
  28                         29     30
31               32              
33                     34      
36       37              
  38     39              
43           44   45                        
47             48    

1.Maggie is
5.to delighting in condescending, inaccurate explanations delivered with rock solid confidence of rightness and that slimy certainty that of course he is right, because he is the man in this conversation
9.Nobody expects the
13.The capital of Vanuatu
14.This country was the BEST at this year's eurovision
16.You will often hear a Socialist say "We need to build the..."
17.Another occupied country
18.An occupied country
20.Every proper ... is theft
21.This D named all the days of the week after his children.
25.This politician was meowing on TV
26.This singer 'almost voted for UKIP'
28.Former boxing champion, then dictator. What a career!
31.A circular component that is intended to rotate on an axial bearing
32.Greek riot dog
33.This rapper can play fifteen instruments, and had his own reality show.
35.This Tory politician used to be a Maoist.
36.They took our...
37.This American politician can see Russia from their house!
39.People who annoy you
40.A branch of economics
41.Most quoted living theorist
43.Gnom Gnom Gnom....
46.A form of furniture with a flat horizontal upper surface used to support objects of interest, for storage, show, and/or manipulation
47.'If you're asleep when you're being extradited, it's surprise tourism' applies to
48.The official party for the international redistribution of Alfie Meadows related newspapers.
2.Has only got one ball
3.Is Quentin Tarantino's doppleganger
4.a political position that originated in 19th-century Britain in opposition to the separation of Church and State
7.Greatest moustache in history
8.This D is mad into hip-hop, pizza and Dennis Rodman.
10.Goldsmiths Disorganised Left often goes drinking at the ... Of Granby
11.We're here, we're queer, we want more
12.Riots not...
15.An ideology that claims resistance to systemic oppression, but is blinded by its own privilege; largely the domain of young, straight, white, able-bodied, cisgendered college educated men.
19.You will often find fifteen years old wearing a mask on a demo saying: "We are a legion. We don't..."
22.Naypyidaw is the capital of...
23.Gaddafi's secret crush
24.Kaiser Soze
27.The pompous would-be anarchist in 'the young ones'
29.The internet is for porn and..
30.Not a big fan of beards
34.Capital of Venezuela
38.I want to know why capitalism is bad. And I cook everything with chili! I study at
42.The "L" in EDL stands for
44.Brits out!
45.This Tory politician said he used to drink fourteen pints a day

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