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Lunar Eclipse

John Winship

1 2 3
    5 6      
  7     8

4.The lighter, larger shadow
6.The lunar eclipse is only possible during the _______ moon phase
9.A lunar eclipse occurs a few times every ________
10.A lunar eclipse is caused when the moon passes through the shadow of Earth
11.When the moon passes completely through the shadow of Earth
1.In a lunar eclipse, a[n] _________ eclipse, or "ring of fire", is not possible.
2.The darker shadow cast by an object.
3.people along this see a total eclipse (3 Words)
4.When the eclipse is not complete it is ________
5.A lunar eclipse lasts between a few minutes and a few _______
7.The moon turns this color in a lunar eclipse
8.This large object passes through Earth's shadow in a lunar eclipse

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