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Aaron Birch

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1.An organism that has two different forms of a particular gene
3.DeoxyriboNucleic Acid
8.A structure that looks like a very small piece of string, usually are in pairs, in the central part of all living cells
10.The genetic makeup of a cell, organism or an individual
11.Is a gene that needs to be present in both parents in order to produce a particular feature or quality in a child
1.A cell that contains one complete set of chromosomes
2.A pattern of chemicals within a cell that carries information about the qualities passed to a living thing from its parents
4.An organism that has two of the same form of a particular gene
5.The process of creating an animal or plant in a laboratory that is an exact copy of another using the original animal’s or plant’s DNA
6.An organism's physical traits
7.A person who can pass a genetic disease without going through it themselves
9.An alternate form of a gene that is located at a specific position on a specific chromosome

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