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Silent letter 'h'

P. Parker

Find the common silent letter 'h' words

1 2 3
7               8              
  9 10              
    12               13    
15             16    

4.Plan and execute a dance routine
5.Ships need these?
6.Needed to process food
7.used to clean water
8.works on cars or any vehicle
10.Having an electrifying personality
11.Study of molecules and substances
12.study of ancient relics and society
14.word for reflective sound
15.They design houses, buildings etc
1.Place where records are kept
2.cancer treatment
3.Able to predict future?
7.Bright, shiny metal (found on metal fittings)
9.state of sadness or sorrow
11.deadly Third world water borne disease
13.type of exotic flower, highly prized by gardeners
16.State of complete disarray

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