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Introduction to Dental Radiograph and Equipment

Mrs. Nava

1 2 3 4 5 6
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7.also called the cone is used to direct the x-rays more accurately (3 Words)
13.lead disc with an opening in the middle that restructures the beam and filters out additional weak rays
15.positive terinal of an electrolitic cell
16.escapes in all directions from the tube or tubehead, these waves only cause harm (2 Words)
17.deflected from its path as it strikes matter, presents the most serious danger to the operator (2 Words)
19.skin, intestinal tract, oral mucosa (2 Words)
21.film used inside the oral cavity
22.the process in which atoms change into negatively or positively charged ions during radiation
23.process of heating the current to extremely high temperature to allow electrons to be given off (2 Words)
24.this wavelength has a high frequency, high energy, and high penetrating power (2 Words)
27.long wavelengths with low energy, low frequency, and low penetrating power (2 Words)
28.low energy, low frequency, and low penetrating power (2 Words)
33.one one-thousandth (1/1,000) of an R
35.as low as reasonably achievable
36.area on the anode that directs the electrons to the focal spot during x-ray production (2 Words)
38.hard x-rays with short wavelengths (2 Words)
42.equals the amount of radiation that ionizes one cubic centimeter of air
43.areas on the film that appear black
1.negative terinal of an x-ray tube
2.or sievert is the dose at which body tissues are exposed (3 Words)
3.amount of ionizing radiation absorbed in a substance (3 Words)
4.lymphoid, reproductive cells, bone marrow, intestinal epithelium, thyroid (2 Words)
5.determines the amount or quantit of electrons
6.measurement unit used to compare the biological effects of various tissues irradiated by different forms of energy (3 Words)
8.a form of energy that is a result of electric and magnetic disturbances in space (2 Words)
9.the central beam that comes from the x-ray tube head which consists of; high energy, short wavelength x-rays traveling in a straigth line (2 Words)
10.components of film's emulsion suspended in gelatin; stores the energy from which they have been exposed and reacts with the chemicals in the processing tank to form a black region on the film (2 Words)
11.short wavelengths with high frequency, high energy, and high penetrating power (2 Words)
12.part of the dental x-ray unit that houses the cooliage, vaccum tube, filters, collimator, and cone (2 Words)
14.determines the quality or penetrating power of the central beam
18.kidney, muscle, nerves (2 Words)
19.cell division in the sex cells in which the number of chromosomes in each is reduced to one-half
20.condition od being sensitized and affected by radiant energy
25.period between exposure and biological effects (2 Words)
26.contains the circuit boards and controls that allow the operator to adjust the correct setting (2 Words)
28.mature bone, salivary glands, liver (2 Words)
29.the amount of ionizing radiation absorbed in a substance
30.connective tissue, growing bone
31.some of the deepest cells in the dermis (2 Words)
32.area on the anode that electrons hit during x-ray production (2 Words)
34.difference between shades of gray
37.radiation unit of measurement
39.where the x-ray tube and the step-up and step-down transformers are located
40.the degree of darkness on an x-ray
41.invisible, odorless electromagnetic radiation

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