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Olivia Zeleny

A puzzle that covers all sections of astronomy.

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3.when one celestial object moves directly infront of another
4.a huge collection of planets, stars, and gas that is held together by gravity
7.an object that can range in many sizes and normally comes from the asteroid belt
9.an object composed of rocky material, ice, and gas, normally comes from the Oort cloud
13.an object that orbits one or more stars, is spherical
14.the study of the universe
16.a peice of rock moving through space
17.a massive explosion in which the entire outer portion of a star is blown off (2 Words)
18.a scientist who studies the night sky
19.a small dim hot star (2 Words)
1.a vast cloud of gas and dust which may be the birthokace of stars and planets
2.a galaxy that appears as a hazy white band in the night sky
5.the turning of an object around an imajinary axis running through it
6.hot condensed object at the centre of a nebula
8.the event that may have triggered the expansion of the universe 14 billion years ago (2 Words)
10.the distance that light travels in one year (2 Words)
11.the rising and falling of the ocean caused from the gravitational pull of the moon and earths gravity
12.an area of strong magnetic fields on the photosphere
15.a star's total energy output per second
20.a short form of the average distance between the earth and the sun

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