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the hunger games

brooke saunders

cross word about the hunger games

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3.what does katniss cover rue in when she died?
5.which district is rue and thresh from?
9.what is the name of prims cat?
11.following in her mother's footsteps, prim becomes a ____?
12.In traditional Japanese archery a special glove is used, provided with a____?
13.what is the name of the country that once used to be called north america?
1.who was the author of the hunger games susan ____?
2.weights use the weight force of ____?
4.katniss and peeta's mentor is ___?
6.what is the poisoness berries name that killed another tribute?
7.Tributes from wealthier districts who train specifically for the games are known as ____?
8.peeta's father is a ___?
9.what is the name of the thing that people wear on their hands when shooting arrows?
10.what is the name of peetas stylist?
13.katniss was named after a ___?

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