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Acid Bases and Salts

Sudhir Kumar Jain

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1.Common name of Sodium hydrogen carbonate (2 Words)
4.Lime stone, Marble and chalk are examples of (2 Words)
5.The process of dissolving an acid or base in water is highly________
6.with the increase in concentration of hydrogen ions, the pH value will
9.Characteristic smell of onion is destroyed in the __________ medium
10.Litmus is extracted from
11.Indicators giving different odours in acidic and basic medium
12.Carbonates and bicarbonates of metal react with acids to give
13.Name of acid which the bee-sting leaves
16.Calcium sulphate hemihydrate is also called (3 Words)
17.Metal oxides are
19.An indicator that remains colourless in the presence of an acid
2.reaction between acids and bases to give salt and water is (2 Words)
3.Common name of calcium oxychloride (2 Words)
7.Water soluble bases are called
8.Vanilla retains its smell in ___________ medium
14.a flower which is natural indicator
15.Electric current is carried through the solution by
18.Colour of methyl orange in acidic medium

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