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Chemistry Final Crossword

Hannah and Shawn

1             2
3 4                    
5 6           7              
8             9
  10     11     12              

1.The make-up of the periodic table
4.Where two atoms share two electrons
6.A table that holds elements
8.Used in ideal gas law (n)
11.Where two atoms share three electrons
14.A bond that forms between a metal and a non-metal
17.The equation of CuO + C --> Cu + CO2 is what type of reaction?
18.L; mL
19.An atom that has more electrons than protons
2.A + BC --> B + AC
3.A unit of volume; used in gas laws
4.AB --> A + B
5.ions with multiple atoms
7.A bond that forms between two metals
9.The equation of CO2 + C --> CO is what type of reaction?
10.Degrees of kelvin, celcius, and fareinheight
12.Atm; mmHg
13.An atom that has more protons than electrons
15.A degree of temerature converted to kelvin
16.Degrees celcius + 273 converts to this

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