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Environment - Earth Day


1 2
  3 4          
    5   6
7             8             9
10 11         12     13    
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  17     18
19                   20 21                
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  24                   25       26
30 31 32                           33        
36                     37              

4."____________, reuse, recycle"
7.grouping of trees
8.Non-domesticated plants and animals
11.ceasing to exist
13.Type of energy efficient light bulb
14.Engine and fuel powered car
15.blowing air
16.livable planet
19.substances that can adversely affect the survival health or activities of organisms.
21.place of refuge or safety
22.Fossil fuel used in the 19th century
24.June event to clean up local waterways (2 Words)
27.Items to power portable devices
28.the study of the relationships between organisms and their environment
31.the process whereby productive land becomes desert.
33.The layer of the atmosphere that aborbs ultraviolet radiation
35.Fog and smoke combined
36.processes by which water circulates between the earth’s oceans, atmosphere, and land (2 Words)
37.Precipitation mixed with pollution and is harmful to the environment (2 Words)
38.A type of animal that is close to extinction (2 Words)
39.Chemicals that are given off into the air and contaminate it
1.Waste disposed of in the wrong place
2.to use over again
3.natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism
5.President who signed the National Environmental Protection Act into law
6.A type of energy based on rays from the sun
9.Car that runs on batteries
10.Artist who painted American birds
12.weather conditions
17.Game bird hunted to extinction (2 Words)
18.A lack of water in any given area
20.the act of preserving, guarding, and protecting
21.mutually beneficial relationship between different organisms or people
22.Type of energy efficient light bulb
23.Month with Earth Day
25.where most garbage eventually ends up
26.The leftovers of something that was used
29.Earth’s ___________ is about seven billion people
30.Natural resources that can be used indefinitely without causing a reduction in the available supply.
32.biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment
34.a day to remember to protect our planet (2 Words)

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