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Granite State Zoo

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6                     7
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1.small platelike skin formation (plural)
6.famous snake with a warning sound at the tip of its tail
8.Reptile that has no legs
11.snake that has a notorious hood
12.to slip and slide
1.another name for snake, used in the bible
2.having a split end
3.a non venemous snake that coils around and suffocates their pray
4.something that squeezes or compresses
5.a mortal woman who was transformed by Athena into one of the three Gorgons. Her appearance was so hideous that those who looked directly at her were turned to stone. She is often depicted as having snakes for hair.
7.person regarded as malicious or treacherous, or a venemous snake with long hollow fangs
9.any member of non-venemous snake families
10.snake with red, black, and yellow or white bands

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