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CMS Chapter 2 pg 100 to End

Pat Wambach-Amen

Use to help participants review the chapter for specific information

1 2
7   8                        

5.It is a ______________ of the MA organization to provide the members the option to received materials in languages other than English.
7.result of member allowing someone to use their enrollment card for services
9.An MA organization must retain and have available enrollment and disenrollment records for the current contract and ___ prior years.
10.If a written disenrollment request is submitted and the signature is not included, the MA organization may verify the request via a documented
11.Timeframe required for each Medicare member prior to termination for non payment
1.Plan must provide documentation of members actions and Plan attempts to resolve in order to terminate member for this
2.CMS required grace period for failure to pay premiums or Part D- IRMAA
3.An MA organization has a responsibility to ________ CMS if they terminate someone for Fraud
4.A cancel of enrollment must be received by the MA organization ______ to the effective date
6.Plan error is a common reason to request this transaction
7.Beneficiary is required to provide on every application
8.timeframe required to submit a disenrollment to CMS.

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