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Family Law


HSC family law

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1.Concerned with family law (3 Words)
5.This court deals with matters concerning the family (2 Words)
8.To die without a will
10.failure of a parent to provide for a child
12.A court order relating to children when parents separate (2 Words)
14.A court order which may direct or prohibit someone
18.These may provide support for parents (2 Words)
19.The % of children living with single parents
22.Abbreviation fo in-vitro fertilisation
23.A means of coming to an agreement
24.The only neccessary grounds for divorce (2 Words)
26.Living together but not married (2 Words)
27.Short for Convention on the Rights of the Child
28.Legal in Britain, France and New Zealand (3 Words)
2.This aims to protect people from violence (3 Words)
3.These offer dispute resolution to families (3 Words)
4.This Act give adopted children the right to gain information about their biological parents. (2 Words)
6.This person is authorised to marry people
7.A court judgement or ruling
9.married to more than one person
11.State Act which ensures that children receive an education (2 Words)
13.Where a woman bears a child for another couple
15.A government organisation which cares for children (2 Words)
16.The Family Law Act seeks to ensure that the ? ? of children are met (two words) (2 Words)
17.A crime which may be verbal or physical in nature (2 Words)
20.The legal process of transferring parental rights from the biological parents to the childs carers.
21.Concerned with marriage (2 Words)
25.When married couple separate

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