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Let's Grow!

by Ms. Maxine

1       2 3
4       5         6
  8   9 10  
      13 14          
15           16        
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27           28      

1.the part of a plant that grows down
4.The ....... of life is a symbol of strength
5.eat one of these a day to keep the doctor away
11.to grow strong, plants needs this along with soil and water
14.the baby plant inside a seed
15.a vegetable people believe makes you see better in the dark
17.a fruit made up of 90% water
18.how plants makes food
20.a yummy berry that is not really the colour it claims to be
22.we all need this to live and survive
23.the new young leaves of this tree can be eaten and are full of vitamin C
25.the part of the plant that pushes through the soil & reaches for the sun
26.beautiful, colourful home where baby seeds are made
27.when a flower dies, this delicious treat is made
28.a dirty place where seeds are happiest
2.tall, slender holder of leaves
3.changes colour in the Fall
6.often mistaken for a vegetable but it's really a fruit
7.the layer that protects a seed
8.large fruit we carve at Hallowe'en
9.very healthy but some people don't like to eat them
10.what plants breath out
12.grow this and you will feel healthier and happier
13.what humans breathe in
16.a berry you find in the forest but it has the name of a fish in it
19.what baby plants eat before the leaves grow
20.super healthy, tiny tree that appears on your dinner plate
21.a place where food and animals are grown
24.are busy moving pollen around

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